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Teen Tech Week: Librarian YouTube Videos!

In honor of Teen Tech Week, we spent untold hours scouring YouTube for the very best in library and librarian related videos! Here are five of our favorites:

Conan The Librarian (Weird Al Yankovic’s UHF):

Gorilla Librarian (Monty Python’s Flying Circus):

Library Dominos (We’ve always wanted to do this…):

Mr. Bookman — Library Investigator (Seinfeld):

Cookie Monster at the Library (Sesame Street):

Got more? Post links in the comments section!

Learn how to create and upload your own YouTube videos with these great books, available through your local library:

How to do everything with YouTube

YouTube for Dummies

-John T., Library Assistant @ Mason Library

Teen Tech Week: TV 2.0

Do you know the name of that one actor? You know, the one  on Supernatural? He was in a movie a little while back, but I’m not sure exactly what it was called.

If you ever have trouble thinking of the name of a movie, TV show, actor, or even the best boy, you don’t have to go crazy trying to figure it out. Check out the Internet Movie Database. It has movies from all around the world, old and new.

Flickr User: meaning_absence

You can search many different ways:

  • Movie title
  • Actors’ names
  • The people who worked on the crew
  • The basic plot-line
  • The production company
  • Characters’ names
  • Even some quotes

Since I know the actor is in Supernatural, I search for that show. From the list of actors given, I find his picture and see that his name is Jensen Ackles. By clicking on his name, I can search his filmography, where I find that his most recent movie was My Bloody Valentine.

From there, I can go to CADL’s online catalog, sign in, and put a hold on it. The library will send an email when the DVD is ready for pick up.

The Internet Movie Database also has some shows that you can watch online. Another site that does this is hulu.com. What’s cool about Hulu is that you can sign up, and subscribe to shows that you like. You don’t have to search for them every time you go on the site, when a new episode is posted, it will show up on your account. Hulu also has movies; some classics, some B movies, and some that are downright weird.

If your favorite show isn’t on Hulu, then try the TV network’s website. You can watch shows on usanetwork.com, cbs.com, nbc.com, cwtv.com, and several others.

Have fun, but make sure to enjoy this weather while it lasts!

-Abby B., Library Assistant @ South Lansing Library

Teen Tech Week @ CADL

It’s Teen Tech Week, and our libraries are celebrating with a variety of events just for teens. Come check these out!

After School Game Time (Ages 11-18)
Wednesday, March 10, 24
3-4:30 pm
Have fun playing Wii, Guitar Hero and other videogames, or relax with board games and cards. Snacks provided.
Webberville Library

Tween Night (Ages 10-13)
Thursday, March 11
6-7:30 pm
Join us for fun for ages 10-13.
South Lansing Library

Wii Game Night
Friday, March 12
4:30 pm
Visit the library to play Wii, have some pizza and hang out with friends on a Friday afternoon. Registration required by calling (517) 694-9351 ext. 3.
Holt-Delhi Library

Teen Gaming Day
Saturday, March 13
10 am–2 pm
It’s Teen Tech Week! Come in to the library for Wii and Guitar Hero games.
Dansville Library

Teen Tech Week: Reading 2.0

This Teen Tech Week, celebrate the fact that reading has evolved along with technology.  One of the major changes in reading is the content of books themselves.  Lots of great teen books have technology in one form or another as a main component of the plot.  If you’d like to read a tech-centric book, try one of these great titles:

FeedFeed by M.T. Anderson: In a futuristic United States, everyone is constantly linked to television and advertising media by way of a chip implanted in their brains.

Nick & Nora's Infinite PlaylistNick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist by Rachel Cohen and David Levithan: If you can’t live without your iPod, this story of teen romance and a crazy night in NYC will resonate.

Little BrotherLittle Brother by Cory Doctrow: Wrongly accused of terrorism in a near-future San Francisco, Marcus must fight the overbearing Department of Homeland Security using whatever technology he and his friends can devise.

Evil GeniusEvil Genius by Catherine Jinks: Cadel Piggott is an evil genius in training.  As he attends evil genius school, he must decide whether to use his vast intelligence and love of technology for good or for evil.

Very le FreakVery LeFreak by Rachel Cohen: Very is a self-professed tech addict, and must spend time at a tech-free retreat for the sake of her sanity.

Technology has also made those old reader’s journals obsolete.  Now, using sites such as LibraryThing, goodreads, and Facebook applications like Visual Bookshelf, you can keep track of what you’re reading and share it with friends.

If you’re too busy to check out a great tech related read, never fear.  CADL had eAudiobooks which you can download to your computer or MP3 device and listen to on the go!

So to celebrate this week, crack open a tech themed read and make sure to check out all the great tools on the internet and available through CADL to take your reading to 2.0.

-Liz V., Youth Services Librarian @ Holt-Delhi Library

Teen Tech Week 2009: March 8–14

If you have a favorite YouTube video, Web site, game, movie, song or podcast, this is your chance to Let Your Voice be Heard!


Every year during the second week of March the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) runs a nationwide celebration of Teens and Technology called Teen Tech Week. The purpose of this week is to highlight and showcase all the great things teens are doing with technology.

This year we want to know what you are doing, watching and listening to in our first ever Teen Tech Awards! You can vote for your favorite YouTube videos, Web sites, games, movies, songs and podcasts by commenting to this post and letting us know what your favorites are.

Voting will begin on Monday, March 2 and end Friday, March 13 at 7 pm. The results from the votes conducted on this blog and from the various CADL libraries will be compiled to create a list of the Teens’ Top Ten for each category and will be posted here on the blog for everyone to see and comment on.

So, if you have a favorite YouTube video, Web site, game, movie, song or podcast Let Your Voice be Heard and vote today!

If you would like to learn more about Teen Tech Week or YALSA, click here.