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Car Talk Fan

Local career expert Lisa (a.k.a. Recruiter Uncensored) shares some of her knowledge with us every Monday. You can read this post in its original form along with comments here.

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Anyone else listen to Car Talk on NPR? I’m a huge fan. I don’t have a nickel’s worth of interest in how to fix an engine or what indicates this belt or that fluid may need to be replaced. That said, I can’t seem to turn the dial when I stumble upon Tom and Ray’s radio show. The subject matter isn’t a bell ringer for me, but the way the hosts engage the callers, share their knowledge in unpredictable ways, incorporate humor into the seemingly humorless and manage to make the audience, doing who knows what/who knows where, want to hear all they have to say on a subject they may care nothing about, is amazing. To top that off, for someone who believes she doesn’t care a lick about car mechanics, over time I’ve come to learn a reasonable amount about the goings on under the hood. My mind was distracted enough by the appealing delivery to soak up the information freely, versus shutting out what I may have normally judged as boring, irrelevant to me or over my head.

Imagine, job seekers, the power you would have in your search efforts if you had masses of people drawn to you, wanting to hear you out, wanting to be a part of your efforts no matter their interest in your actual profession, subconsciously soaking up your information so they might apply it to the circumstances they encounter when you aren’t around.

What does it take to attract people the way Tom and Ray do? A big chunk of it is natural talent. I’m not going to minimize their success by painting their accomplishments as easy to replicate. I will say there are a few things about those two you will notice when you take time to listen.

  • They always engage the person they are talking with before showering them with knowledge.
  • They speak in terms that are easy to relate to. They recognize credibility doesn’t come from speaking over the heads of others, but from teaching a person new things on their level.
  • They care about how interesting they are to others, not just about how interesting they are to themselves.
  • They aren’t overly serious. They take what they do seriously and they are seriously good at what they do, but they don’t showcase either with a serious disposition.
  • They surprise you. The predictable is woven in with the unexpected.
  • They show their personalities in a genuine way.

All of the above are elements I try to incorporate into my interactions with others. It’s been a work in progress for me to get to a point where I’m more aware of the person on the other side of my words than I am of myself. Those who know me in real life will tell you I’m a talker and, though I’m conservative, I’m far from bashful. It would be easy for me to take over conversations and drown those around me in my knowledge of subjects without concern for how interesting I am, what others really want to hear about and what may be going on in the lives of those I’m slathering with my bountiful morsels of information. Because I know this about myself, and because I appreciate the style of Ray and Tom, it’s easier for me now to find my pause button in conversations. I’m more focused on finding ways to achieve an entertaining and meaningful discussion versus an intelligent lecture. I hope Tom and Ray would be proud.

– Lisa W-P, CADL Guest Blogger

Podcasts For All

Since the last entry introduced what podcasts are, I thought this week’s entry could list the variety of podcasts available on the web. This list is just a starting point. If you would like to find more podcasts, just refer to Google. There are podcasts on every interest, and for everyone. Enjoy!





Medical Tourism

You’ve probably heard of eco-tourism and agritourism, maybe even literary tourism, but are you aware of medical tourism?  Rising in popularity due to the extremely high cost of medical care in the United States and the increasing number of people without health insurance, medical tourism is the practice of travelling internationally to obtain medical services.  People are travelling for serious surgeries as well as elective and dental procedures.  Popular destinations include Argentina, India, and Thailand and over 50 countries report offering medical tourism services.

NPR’s Weekend Edition Saturday recently aired a story on this trend.  In it, the reporter visited a hospital in Mexico which actively markets its medical facilities to Americans (in the United States).  Are you thinking this isn’t exactly mainstream yet?  Well, think again.  In June, 2008, the AMA (American Medical Association) issued guidelines on medical tourism and Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina has an affiliate set up to handle it.  The Medical Tourism Association with headquarters in Florida is an international non-profit organization dedicated to this growing industry.  More and more information is becoming available on how to safely take advantage of medical tourism and depending on your circumstances, it might be something worth checking into the next time you need medical treatment.

Disclaimer: The above material is intended for informational purposes only.  It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical diagnosis and advice.

What Are You Enjoying?

What are you enjoying?

One of the reasons for creating this blog is to provide a place for people to discuss all the assorted types of media that they enjoy. To accomplish that I am going to ask you every month or two about what you have enjoyed recently. So, please use the comments to share your thoughts on the best experience you have had recently with a book, movie, music, game, etc… I will lead us off.

I am currently reading The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan and I absolutely love it. It is about a twelve year old boy named Percy Jackson who has bounced around from school to school, and is worried he might be expelled from his current school. What Percy soon realizes is that there is a reason for all of his previous troubles. It turns out that Percy is a Hero, and by Hero I mean one of his parents is a God, one of the 12 ancient Greek gods that is. This story has a ton of action and reminds me of a mixture of Harry Potter and Homers Odyssey. If you’re a fan of Harry Potter, or of the Pendragon series you would most likely love this book.

I have also been listening to two relatively new albums lately, and I would recommend both of them. The first one is called Challengers, by The New Pornographers. The New Pornographers are a Canadian indie band. You may well have heard of Neko Case, one of the band members who has done a lot of her own stuff as well. This new album is great and seems to be getting a lot of national attention, as I first heard some of it on NPR. The second album I would recommend is Chase This Light by Jimmy Eat World. Jimmy Eat World is often considered one of the early greats of the Emo movement and they were one of the first bands to release an Emo album on a major label. This new album does not disappoint, especially if you have enjoyed any of their early music, as it reminds me a lot Clarity, their well known 1999 release.

So, how about you? What have you enjoyed recently?