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Michigan Helping Hand

The State of Michigan has launched a new website called Helping Hand for people who are dealing with economic hardship.  It includes links to information about jobs & training; unemployment; health care; family support; and housing.   Subheadings under the health care tab are:

“Note: The Helping Hand Web site provides quick access to information about programs and services for people facing economic hardship. The programs and services listed here represent only a portion of those available in Michigan communities.   Note that some programs and services have eligibility requirements and may involve wait periods.”


The U.S. Department of Labor has relaunched DisabilityInfo.gov as Disability.gov, available at http://www.disability.govDisability.gov contains information from 22 federal agencies in 10 subject areas including civil rights, education, housing, and technology.  It offers RSS feeds, email notification of news, twitter, and email receipt of the quarterly newsletter Disability Connection.  Across the upper right hand side are adaptive tools to utilize when viewing the page that can increase text size and provide high contrast display.

Disability.gov is designed to provide people with disabilities, their family members, employers, service providers, educators and others with quick and easy access to the information they need. The site offers a number of ways to find this information, including:

  • Search & Advanced Search
  • Information by Topic
  • Information by State
  • “I want to”

The Information by State option enables users to list resources and programs unique to their location.  I Want To allows you to locate information based on a particular action, for example “Find a job” or “Apply for scholarships.” There are ten “I Want To” actions on the home page that cover the most frequently asked about topics. If you click on “More Options” at the bottom right of the “I Want To” section, you will find additional choices.  The News & Events tab at the bottom of the page includes up-to-date information on topics of particular interest to disabled individuals.

Just What the Doctor Ordered

Companion to the rising cost of health insurance is the cost of getting prescriptions filled.  Even for people with health insurance, these costs can still be prohibitive and individuals and families often are faced with the difficult choice of paying for prescribed medicine or buying other necessities.

Fortunately, here in Michigan there are some programs that may help pay these costs.  Under the health category in the local links resources listing maintained by the Capital Area District Library, several programs are identified.  They include:  Elder Prescription Insurance CoverageHIV/AIDS Drug Assistance ProgramMiChild, NeedyMeds.org,  Partnership for Prescription Assistance, and Michigan Medicare/Medicaid Assistance Program.

In addition, there are many disease specific assistance programs.  NeedyMeds.org provides a list of over 240 such programs.  The disease-based assistance list can be accessed through the name of disease or condition, the area of service (state or nationwide) or name of the program.  Well-known and obscure conditions are included.

Don’t jeopardize you or your family’s health by not filling your prescriptions.  Help may be available by checking into one of the programs listed above.