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Link, Luke and the Doctor

Rather than pretend I know myself, I decided to ask some actual teens what they are reading and enjoying. I have two teenagers who live right in my own home so it was an easy decision to start with them.hyrulehistoria
This month: Ben is 14 years old and loves Star Wars, The Legend of Zelda, Doctor Who, and other nerdy stuff like that.
He is super excited about the long-awaited The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia finally being released in English! The Legend of Zelda Nintendo game franchise has been luring fans since the first game was released in 1986, and is just as big now. The Historia includes the official Legend of Zelda timeline, which has been a hotly debated topic among Zelda fans for many years. You might want to check out the manga too. If you are the sort of obsessed fan who might have, say, a life-size Hylian shield replica and/or your own ocarina, you probably also love the mysterious music from the games. Some examples can be found at CADL  in the Greatest Video Game Music collections.
Ben and I are both really looking forward to Star Wars Day on the May 4 (you know, “may the fourth be with you”). Capital Area District Libraries will be hosting events at both the Downtown Lansing and Haslett locations. Costumes are welcome and there will be a variety of activities. The Downtown Lansing Library will show the movie that started it all.
I’ve run out of room to discuss much for those of you who know all about the dangers of blinking and the importance of having a sonic screwdriver in your pocket at all times, but there is plenty for you to love here at CADL too. Using the library for your books and movies will help you save money for that TARDIS you’re building in the back yard. dr who