Beyond the Stacks: Yes, it’s worth fishing around in that seat-back pocket

beyond-squareI admit it. I’m a little weird. I look forward to fishing around it that seat-back pocket . . . for a copy of the airline magazine — and oh the pleasure of getting a fresh, new copy! Airline magazines have a guaranteed readership and therefore attract the attention of advertisers. What does this mean? The quality has remained pretty high, even when commercial magazines have made some cut-backs.

While I think there’s nothing better than snatching a printed copy out of the seat-back pocket, you can also enjoy the online versions of these great reads. So, go ahead and board CADL, crack open that laptop, or log onto one of our computers. Unlike most airlines, we always offer free WiFi.

Here’s a few of my faves:

  • Delta Sky Magazine – Atlanta based Delta has great coverage of southern U.S. cities. And you can subscribe for home delivery! Also, their magazine is a fully functioning website, complete with a blog — I know you like a good blog. Check out the dining recommendations for Delta destinations.
  • Emirates’ Open Skies is as luxurious as the glossies on display at your local bookstore — or CADL branch. Luxury, Luxury, Luxury — go ahead, see how the other half lives.
  • Porter Airline’s re: Porter is hip — as you would expect from this edgy, Canadian airline. Also, the online archived issues are available in easy-to-access, portable pdf files. Refresh that high school français.

– Kevin Post, CADL Outreach Librarian

“What does it mean to pre-board? Do you get on before you get on?” — George Carlin, comedian

One response to “Beyond the Stacks: Yes, it’s worth fishing around in that seat-back pocket

  1. Since you’re an avid reader — I would not describe your behavior as weird. It’s delightful!

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