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Bookster: Read The Dry Grass of August

bookster_logoThe Dry Grass of August by Anna Jean Mayhew is a gripping story set in the South during the summer of 1954, a few months after the Brown vs. Board of Education decision that started desegregating public schools. The story reads true and the characters come alive through the eyes of Jubie Watts who has recently turned thirteen.

Jubie’s family is stretched to the breaking point by her father’s bad behavior. The near breakdown of her famly plays out over the course of a tense, and then tragic, family vacation to Florida set against a backdrop of racial tension and fear.

The narrative is about the bonds of family and friendship, and the evels of racism and prejudice. I found myself strongly identifying with this young girl whose life is nothing like mine, mainly because the novel is so well put together and brings out universal themes like friendship, family, self respect and growing up in troubled times.

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HS1– Joe McKee, Library Assistant at CADL Haslett

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It’s an Honor to be Nominated…

Flickr user: rocor

Flickr user: rocor

When the academy award nominations were announced it got me thinking about the history of nominations. There are a lot of interesting facts about past nominations that I hadn’t realized. For example, Alfred Hitchock was nominated five times for Best Director and never won!

The most nominated actor/actress of all time is Meryl Streep (17 nominations.) Katharine Hepburn and Jack Nicholson are second in nominations (12). The most nominated person in any category is Walt Disney (59 nominations). Miss Hepburn still holds the record for winning the most acting Oscars (4).

The actor and actress with the dubious distinction of receiving the most nominations and no wins are Peter O’Toole (8 nominations) and Deborah Kerr (6 nominations). O’Toole received an Honorary Oscar in 2002.

You might think these entertainers won an Oscar but they were actually  only nominated: Alfred Hitchcock, Richard Burton, Glenn Close and Johnny Depp.

The most nominated film of all time is a tie: All About Eve and Titanic. Each had 14 nominations. All About Eve went on to win 6 awards including Best Picture and Titanic won Best Picture and 11 awards in all.ray

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The awards will be broadcast on Feb. 24, 2013.

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– Anne R., Reference Librarian at CADL Downtown Lansing