Hitch a ride with Capital Area District Libraries


Love to travel but not sure how to make the time or even afford it? Meet Kevin Post, CADL’s Bookmobile Librarian, who has a passion for travelling. Whether for work or fun, Kevin’s got some tips on the resources you can find at the library to help plan that next big trip.

As a librarian I think most people expect that my favorite pastime is reading.  While it may be in the top of that list, collecting stamps – passport stamps — is my numero uno passion in life.  Yes, I obsess over frequent flyer miles, update my TripAdvisor Facebook map often and I’m always planning my next trip, but I’m also a working bloke and therefore can’t always be zipping around. Come to think of it, I do travel for work; as the CADL bookmobile librarian I get to visit lots of places around Ingham County!

As I’m sure I’m not the only travel enthusiast out there, I’d like to share some of the best ways CADL keeps me in the know and on the go.

OmanInspired by the news coverage of the Hajj (but hampered by the lack of visa and time) I decided to pick up a couple of books about travel and customs in Saudi Arabia, rather than hop a flight. As usual, CADL had my back with its up-to-date collection.

I’m especially fond of the Lonely Planet guides because they have great coverage on the history of a country, not to mention good budget recommendations.  Even if I’m not actually planning on setting foot in the country, these guides give me a good sense of what it might be like. For the latest on Saudi Arabia in great detail, place a hold on the following titles:

Without even leaving your home you can learn so much more about the destinations on your list. In fact, did you know that the world’s second tallest building is in Mecca? Complete with a 20-story shopping mall!

Be sure to check back for more travel inspired blogs. Next time I think we should go someplace warm. How about you?

– Kevin Post, Bookmobile Librarian

One response to “Hitch a ride with Capital Area District Libraries

  1. Great topic, Kevin! I’m looking forward to reading more.

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