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Food, Glorious Food!

Quick, what movie is that from? Right, Oliver. November is the month for eating, culminating in the favorite holiday for foodies — Thanksgiving! There are lots of films and television shows centered around food and eating.

One of my all time fave food flicks is Eat Drink Man Woman. I am warning you right now, HAVE CHINESE FOOD ready when you watch, because this movie will make you CRAVE it. It’s A wonderful story about a chef in Taiwan coming to terms with his adult daughters’ choices in life. He prepares feasts for the family dinners that are a work of art.

In the same “have the food ready before you watch” theme, these are two more “mouth watering” films.  Big Night is a delightful feast of Italian food, depicting the struggles of two Italian brothers striving to open a restaurant on the Jersey shore. For dessert, watch Chocolat, as delicious as the confection it celebrates. A single mother and her young daughter move to rural France and open a magical chocolate shop.

In Mostly Martha,  a no-nonsense head chef is won over by her orphaned niece and her charming assistant chef.  A delightful German film. IMHO (In my humble opinion), skip the American remake No Reservations and see the original.

Other titles you may enjoy:

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– Anne R., Reference Librarian at CADL Downtown Lansing