Daily Archives: November 14, 2012

I STILL Hate Crafts

Flickr user: Marlana

…but…I know many of you out there really enjoy making crafts, and rightly so. I don’t dislike the finished product, just making the darn stuff.  ; ) My honorary cousin Jeff D. recently posted a picture of one of those potholder makers (pictured at left) that so many kids had in the 70s. I laughed when I saw it because I always started my potholders with good intentions but never finished them. Guess I didn’t like crafts from the start.

Sadly, I didn’t inherit my mother’s skill with crafts. She played the guitar, made homemade Chinese and Mexican food and crocheted. Here I am in the 70’s  wearing one of the groovy bulls-eye vests she crocheted. We thought those vests were the best.

Don’t suffer my fate!  The library has many resources to “get crafty”such as crafting programs, books and DVDs. Go to Find Books and enter crafts or a particular craft such as crochet, beading etc.

We also have DVDs on crafts. Go to Find Movies and enter a craft such as painting, quilting etc.

– Anne R., Reference Librarian at CADL Downtown Lansing