The Sorry State of Sorry

Local career expert Lisa (a.k.a. Recruiter Uncensored) shares some of her knowledge with us every Monday. You can read this post in its original form along with comments here.

A friend and I were talking about how hard it seems to be to find people willing to take ‘full’ ownership of the mistakes they’ve made at work or during a job search. There is a tendency to skirt around issues entirely or acknowledge them with a quick addition of how someone else is more to blame.I’ve met my share of job seekers who are paralyzed in their search because they know they blew it in the past, didn’t face the music and are avoiding situations that might bring mistakes to light.

The conversation reminded me of a post I wrote several years ago on my personal blog. It’s called, “So Bashful.” The style of my writing on my personal blog is different than what you normally experience, but I thought it would be fun to dust this one off and share it with all of you. Here goes…


“So Bashful”

Has anyone else noticed Sorry is avoiding introducing himself these days? I can’t figure out why he is being so bashful. It’s not like it’s hard to say “I’m Sorry.” His name isn’t ridiculously long or hard to pronounce.

His silence when meeting others is awkward to be around. I saw another guy make an attempt at introductions recently. “Hello, I’m  Hurtby Whatyousaid.” Do you think Sorry said anything in response? Nope! He just shrugged his shoulders and looked away. I chimed in “by the  way, he’s Sorry” just to keep things cordial. I hate having to tell others he’s Sorry. Why can’t he just say he’s Sorry himself? Maybe he  has amnesia and doesn’t realize he is actually Sorry? Or maybe he’s  upset with his circumstances and doesn’t want to be Sorry anymore?  Whatever it is, he needs to work things out so he is capable of being  Sorry again.

There have been times when Sorry seems to be making an effort, but  he’s actually playing games. His real name is Sorry Ididthat. He’ll try  to trick people by saying he’s Sorry Youfeelthatway. It’s so  frustrating. You can totally tell people see right through him.

To be fair, I can remember some times when he’s introduced himself  and people have acted weird. Maybe that’s turned him off. One person shouted “No you’re not!” What was he supposed to say to that? Another expected him to prove it with a trinket. “If you’re really Sorry you’ll  buy me a necklace.” Sorry’s a good guy, but he’s not made of money. Then there are those who have told him being Sorry isn’t good enough. “If  you think you’re Sorry now, just you wait!” I’m not sure how they could  actually make him more Sorry than he his already, but the suggestion isn’t pleasant.

Perhaps it’s not such a mystery why my friend hasn’t been himself  lately. If you happen to see Sorry, will you do me a favor? Tell him you  appreciate and accept him. If we build up his confidence, maybe he  won’t be so hesitant to show himself anymore.

– Lisa W-P, CADL Guest Blogger

One response to “The Sorry State of Sorry

  1. Really enjoyed this. Yes, Sorry has been woefully MIA.

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