Happy Anniversary!

M*A*S*H is 40!

I feel old! Some classic TV shows that have aired in primetime during my life are celebrating big anniversaries this year. Hard to believe, but M*A*S*H premiered 4o years ago! The show lasted longer than the war it was based on, running for 11 seasons (The Korean War lasted for three years). It struggled during its first season but then became a hit. If it was running these days it would be cancelled–networks allow much less “growing time” for shows. M*A*S*H made you laugh and cry in 30 brilliant minutes.

Also 40 this year are Sanford and Son and Maude. Both were groundbreaking shows.  Sanford and Son paved the way for other African American sitcoms such as The Jeffersons and Cosby.  Maude tackled taboo subjects like women’s liberation and abortion.

Cheers is 30 this year and it parallels M*A*S*H in many ways. It also had low ratings during its first season, was nearly cancelled and ran for 11 seasons. Great writing and a wonderful cast makes this show still stand out as a modern classic.

Is one of your favorites celebrating an anniversary this year?
2012 television anniversaries:







Your television memories are waiting @ Find Movies.


– Anne R., Reference Librarian at CADL Downtown Lansing 

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