Register to Vote!

Sorry to be trite here, but few things in your life are as important as voting. Recently, very close elections have driven that point home. Voter turnout in Michigan presidential elections has ranged from a high of 73% in 1960 to a low of 52% in 1948. In 2008 turnout was 66%. Let’s improve that number!

From: Ryan Greenberg

Please register to vote if you haven’t already done so. You can check here to see if you are registered. The deadline to register for this November’s election is October 9.  Election day is November 6.


Options to register:

For more information go to the Michigan SOS page and the CADL Voter Information page.

Presidential trivia (Answers below):

  1. Who was the youngest President?
  2. Who was the oldest President?
  3. Who was the first President to appear on television?
  4. Which President had a child while serving in office?
  5. James A. Garfield, Herbert Hoover,  Harry S. Truman, Gerald Ford,  Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama all have something in common. What is it?





  1. This is a bit tricky. John K Kennedy was the youngest ELECTED president at age 43 but Theodore Roosevelt was younger when he succeeded the assassinated President McKinley at age 42.
  2. The oldest president was Ronald Reagan at age 69.
  3. Franklin Delano Roosevelt on April 30, 1939 at the opening ceremonies for the World’s Fair. 
  4. Esther Cleveland, daughter of Grover Cleveland, was the first presidential child born in the White House. There hasn’t been a child born to a serving president since (John F. Kennedy Jr. was born before his father took office.)
  5. They were (are) left-handed.

– Anne R., Reference Librarian at CADL Downtown Lansing

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