Our Favorite Movies and TV Shows

I asked my colleagues to list five of their favorite movies and television shows. I didn’t ask people to name their most favorite or rank them, because I found out from a previous poll that librarians FLIP OUT and PANIC when you ask them to list their all-time favorite book. Even just choosing five movies/shows was difficult.  Moo-ha ha I made them do it though. It was a very un-scientific poll but fascinating to see the variety of answers. I asked people of all ages. The answers sent me to the Internet Movie Database and Find Movies to catch up on things I have missed!

Most answers were unique but there were some repeats. The movie with the most votes was The Lord of The Rings trilogy. The TV show with the most votes was M*A*S*H .

Movies with repeat mentions were:

TV shows with repeat mentions were:

Did your favorites match any of the staff picks? To view these favorites or revisit your own, go to Find Movies.  See the complete list of staff favorites below:

Anne R., Reference Librarian at CADL Downtown Lansing




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