Touching TV Show Moments

I caught part of a Waltons marathon on ME-TV awhile ago and they were showing “The Firestorm,” where the whole town goes bananas because John Boy wants to print excerpts from Mein Kampf in his newspaper.  They even start throwing German books into a bonfire. Sheesh, John Boy is just trying to show the danger coming! He pulls one book off of the pile and someone who knows German reads it out loud. Sure enough, it’s the Holy Bible. Now don’t YOU feel stupid townsfolk! I love that moment.

Another memorable moment is when the cast of the Mary Tyler Moore Show all walk to the desk in a clump to get Kleenex in “The Last Show.” What is remarkable is that this was NOT scripted, the cast just did it. They were all genuinely crying as well. A great moment but sad. I always have to crack out the first episode of the show (“Love is All Around“) right after watching the last one to cheer up.

Other memorable moments:

  • Ellen tells everyone in the airport and the world that she is gay.  Heartfelt, funny and brave for the day. Ellen, “The Puppy Episode.”
  • Hawkeye waves to BJ as the helicopter flies away on the last episode of M*A*S*H,Good-Bye Farewell and Amen.”
  • Louise Jefferson says good-bye to Edith Bunker on the All in the Family episode that was the pilot for The Jeffersons, “The Jeffersons Move on Up.”
  • Lucy tells Ricky that she is pregnant, although that word could never be used on the show! Desi and Lucy’s tears are real, of course Lucy was pregnant in real life with Desi Jr. I Love Lucy, “Lucy is Enceinte.”
  • The Huxtables perform Ray Charles for grandpa and grandma’s anniversary. The Cosby Show, “Happy Anniversary”

Find your favorite moments here: Find Movies.


Anne R., Downtown Lansing’s Reference Librarian

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