May – National Bike Month

Take off the training wheels and join your fellow Americans in celebrating National Bike Month during May!

For the past 56 years, advocacy groups like the League of Michigan Bicyclists (LMB) and League of American Bicyclists have promoted the many benefits of bicycling — health, environment and community building.  They’ve lobbied legislatures (federal and state) to protect the rights of bicyclists, promote creation and preservation of trails, allow bicycles on public transportation (thank you CATA!), standardize right turn signals, provide public safety training and promote bike share programs (Adrian College is one example).

The LMB office is located in downtown Lansing at 416 S. Cedar Street.  They offer many resources on their website and at their office: lists of rides throughout the state (2012 Michigan Ride Calendar), Routes and Maps, Education and Advocacy Toolkits, and free publications such as “What Every Young Michigan Bicyclist Must Know,” “What Every Michigan Bicyclist Must Know,” and the 2012 Michigan Ride Calendar. We now have a supply of these 3 publications available at CADL Downtown Lansing.  You can also check out CADL resources for tips on bike repair, maintenance, guidebooks, and training.

Here are some May dates to remember:

    • May 9 = Bike-to-School Day
    • May 14-18 = Bike-to-Work Week
    • May 18 = Bike-to -Work Day

 “It’s like riding a bike.  You never forget how.”

– Eunice B., CADL Reference Librarian 

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