Daily Archives: March 14, 2012

DVDs Aren’t Just for Fun

We have a lot of entertainment DVDs such as movies and classic TV, but we also have DVDs that you may find useful in your daily life. From aerobics to zoology, check out our informational films. It all begins at Find Movies.

Exercise: Enter exercise to see hundreds of exercise titles, or you can narrow it down to a type such as yoga or tai chi. You can also enter a particular instructor or show, such as: Jillian Michaels, Leslie Sansone or Biggest Loser.

DIY: Renovating, painting, plumbing, we have it all! Enter maintenance and repair to see titles from This Old House and more.

Cooking: Don’t know how to  flambé or julienne? There are many cooking DVDs to choose from. Since we have so many, it’s best to enter what the type of food you want to make such as: desserts, barbecuing, etc.  You can also enter the chef or show you are interested in: Julia Child, Jacques Pepin, Hell’s Kitchen, etc.

Gardening: Are your petunias pathetic? Do your beans need a boost? Our gardening DVDs may be just the thing you need. Enter gardening.

Anne R., CADL Reference Librarian