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Moulin Rouge!

La Belle Époque  (“The Beautiful Era”)  began about 1889 and lasted until World War I.  It was a time of respite between the two World Wars when arts and culture in France (and elsewhere) flourished. Interestingly, the social classes merged as never before, and the Moulin Rouge cabaret was an excellent example of this. People from all walks of life came to enjoy the entertainments, including the famous Cancan dancers.

Moulin Rouge (“Red Mill”) is a cabaret located at the foot of Butte Montmartre in Paris, built in 1889. From Global Cosmetic Industry:

Opened by Joseph Oller and Charles Zidler, the Moulin Rouge quickly gained a reputation for its wild atmosphere. Inspired by the circus, the music hall featured a huge dance floor, a garden decorated with a large elephant, donkey rides for the women, and the famous French Cancan dancers, immortalized by artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec in his painting “La Goulue.” The hall soon became a favorite place of the Parisian aristocrats to mix with the less bourgeois citizens and “ladies of easy virtue.”

The Wharton Center presents Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet in Moulin Rouge – The Ballet, Wednesday, March 14 7:30 pm. A preview dinner featuring speaker André Lewis, artistic director of Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet, takes place March 14 at the Wharton Center at 5:30 pm.  To reserve a dinner seat, visit www.whartoncenter.com/dinner or call Dustin Boehmer in the Wharton Center Ticket Office at 517-884-3130. Please note that dinner and performance tickets must be purchased seperately.

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