Oh-Oh My Blog is Due!


Flickr User: Holtsman

Having a blog past due is like the old days when a blank piece of paper was staring at you from the typewriter. Sheer panic. (Ha ha typewriters, I AM old.) What to write about? Well, how about… WRITING.

The library has lots of great books to help you with all kinds of writing. If you are into creative writing, we have titles like Is Life Like This? : A Guide to Writing Your First Novel In Six Months and The Writer’s Digest Guide To Science Fiction & Fantasy.

Writing a family history? Try How to Write Your Personal or Family HistoryHow about your autobiography: How To Write Your Life Story.

Need to sell your work or need an agent? The Writer’s Market series has a goldmine of information for writers. The series covers all kinds of writing including novels, short stories and even songs.

Our Local Links page has a list of area writing groups in case you want to meet with fellow writers in the area. The groups cover a range of writing from poetry to non-fiction.

-Anne R., CADL Reference Librarian

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