The Last Star

When Elizabeth Taylor died last week, several articles mentioned her as “the last star,” a hearkening back to the former glamorous days of Hollywood. She was fascinating of course because of her movie roles and scandalous marriages, but she was also a successful business woman (she made more money from her perfume than from acting) and a humanitarian. Before it was fashionable to be outspoken about fighting AIDS, Miss Taylor was not shy in her activism. She was the founding International Chairperson for the American Foundation for AIDS Research.

I admit that I am fascinated by movies and movie stars–especially from those “golden days.”  If you like movies, the library has a lot of fun DVDs and books for you. One of my favorite Elizabeth Taylor movies is A Place in the Sun. She and Montgomery Clift are absolutely gorgeous in this! It is loosely based on the great Dreiser novel An American Tragedy.

Here is a sampling of ElizabethTaylor movies and books at the library:

Do you have a favorite Taylor film?

-Anne R., Reference Librarian @ CADL

One response to “The Last Star

  1. My two favorite Liz Taylor movies are “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” and “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”. “Father of the Bride” is also a guilty pleasure.

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