Books are Dead?


There was a great video interview Nicholas Negroponte on what could happen to print books within five years. Nicholas thinks that the printed book will be dead due to technology change from tablet computing and eReaders. Watch it: “Will physical books be gone in five years?” What do you think?

– Matt P., Technology Librarian @ CADL Downtown Lansing

One response to “Books are Dead?

  1. Rebekah mcnichol

    As someone who has been consuming ebooks for over five years, I can say any article titled books are dead is grossly overstating any situation. The printed book has been around for thousands of years. This is not a record versus tape versus cd situation. The physical object is so different. The level of sophisticated technology is so different and the permanence of a paper book can not be ignored. Publishers will hold ebooks up in copy protection for as long as they can to avoid the digital music problem. The cost of entry for reading is spread across an already reduced cost item. Ebooks cost of entry is so much higher and the items are still priced equal to the paper book making no significant savings on the physical object. This is not how you squash a market.

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