Daily Archives: August 16, 2010

Grief and Loss

Everyone experiences grief of some kind, sometime in their life.   Grief is a response to loss, be it of something or someone, and even when expected, it can catch us off guard.  We usually think of grief as an emotional experience but it can also be physical, social, and psychological.  Recently, there have been a number of violent occurrences in our community – shootings, vehicle accidents, and stabbings and they got me thinking about how each of us is affected by these events.  Even job loss, divorce, and loss of your home can result in grieving.  Adults, children, and animals experience grief and develop coping skills but sometimes we need help to understand why things happen and how to heal.

Figuring out where to turn can be part of the challenge.  Books and support groups can help one get through difficult times and CADL has many items in our collection you might consider.  We have resources listed on our website under the Social Services section in our Local Links section.  3 organizations are listed: Ele’s Place 517.482.1315; Sparrow Hospice Support 517.364.1000; and, Widowed Persons Group 517. 339.4675. Any one of these may be able to provide direct support for you or a referral to another agency or service.  Another wonderful resource can be your place of worship.  Many churches sponsor support groups and you might ask your spiritual leader for their recommendation.

There have been many books written on grief recovery and loss.  In the CADL catalog we have 37 subject areas with almost 500 books available for you to choose from — grief in children, grief in men, psychological aspects, grief in fiction, grief in women, grief therapy,  books for grieving children and teens; hopefully, something for everyone and every need.

Online resources are numerous.  WebMD offers readings and “action sets” that suggest steps for helping a child, a teen, and an older person with grieving.  The Mayo Clinic provides a Q&A section on grieving over different types of loss.  MedlinePlus explains the 5 stages of grief and links to support groups for the loss of a child or a spouse.

Regardless of your situation, realize that there are many resources available to help you through the grieving process ~ just ask.

-Eunice B., Reference Librarian