Help CADL Ignite Lansing

Hey Everyone,

CADL is currently in competition to be a presenter at this year’s Ignite Lansing event, held at the old Knapp’s building in Downtown Lansing. Why do we want to present at Ignite? Because it helps get the word out about CADL, who we are and what we do. It’s also a great way for us to help the Greater Lansing business and 20 to 30-something communities understand that we’re a relevant, vibrant and growing community hub.

Please vote for us by clicking here. Now, there are a few things to keep in mind when voting for Ignite presentations. You can cast up to 3 votes for a single presentation, but you have 10 total votes available to you.

Only 14 organizations get to present at Ignite on March 5, so we’ve got to get out the vote! Our presentation is called “The Library: Not What You Think” and is described as follows:

Popular library myths debunked. When you think of a library does an old woman with her gray hair in a bun and glasses come to mind? Let us prove you wrong. We’ll let our hair down and take you behind the glasses and show you what our world is really like.


-Heidi G., CADL Online Content/PR Coordinator

PS: There are so many different types of librarians – no matter what we look like, we have so many experiences, skills and answers to share with you. Come check us out!

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