“Off the Shelf” Lets You Know What to Read

During these long winter evenings, there’s nothing better than curling up with a great book. Not sure what to read? Consult Off the Shelf, a collection of book recommendations by our Adult Selection Specialist, Sarah Redman. You can also subscribe to the Off the Shelf e-mail newsletter to receive reviews in your inbox. Check out the latest Off the Shelf review below.

Water, Stone, Heart by Will North

A love story from the male perspective

North offers a love story from the male perspective with the same light but deeply romantic touch readers found so captivating in The Bridges of Madison County and Nicholas Sparks’ The Notebook.
Although he teaches architectural theory at a Philadelphia university, Andrew Stratton has never actually built a structure. Divorce from his caustic wife leaves him feeling unmoored and he enrolls in a course on building stone walls in Cornwall, England. The colorful, strongly-connected community he finds there includes American expatriate and artist Nicola Rhys-Jones. Her history makes her equally wary of a relationship, but Nicola and Andrew cannot deny their strong attraction. Equal parts love story and tribute to the beautiful countryside of Cornwall, this is an intelligent, sensitive novel about second chances.

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